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Are you a web-entrepreneur with a great idea? Are you already showing traction and in the path to grow but feel you need a little push to get through. Guided advice is just what you need. Our mentoring platform offers you the possibility to connect with mentors who can offer advice and guidance on issues such as business planning, access to finance, growth strategies, go-to-market, internationalisation, customer acquisition and retention, and a wide-range of topics that will help you grow.

Perhaps you are a seasoned entrepreneur, an investor or an industry expert and you would like to share your expertise. Join our network as a mentor and come in contact with the next wave of technology leaders and disrupters. Increase your reach and influence by paying it forward! 

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Are you an entrepreneur looking to establish, grow or internationalize your company? Register for the eMentoring service now.

Are you an experienced entrepreneur, investor, researcher or industry expert willing to guide and provide practical career advice by sharing your professional insight? Register for our eMentoring service now.