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Project Overview

Our goal is to foster web entrepreneurship in Europe, and offer a unique new platform that answers to the need for new services expressed in the Startup Manifesto. It will provide the nurturing to help web-entrepreneurs go global, through a unique combination of talents, tools and services of a European scale in all key elements required to create great companies: team, concept, technology, and capital.

Our European level ecosystem provides an online and onsite environment, building on and interconnecting existing local ecosystems, hubs and initiatives, in order to setup a runway for web entrepreneurs to start and scaleup a business in Europe and grow internationally. This will help web-entrepreneurs to develop and scale up their ideas and businesses, from a business international validation phase, to internationalization, access to finance and to business growth, thus complementing the service offer currently made available at local ecosystems level.

Our work will be tread through the following five tenets:

  • Putting in motion a true pan-European web-entrepreneurship ecosystem by setting up the initial backbone made of the interconnection between the booming regional ecosystems of Lisbon, Nice and Baden-Württemberg, combining and intertwining current services and opportunities and making room for more local ecosystems to join in;
  • Untap on Europe’s unique mass of skilled and mobile researchers in order to reinforce the web-entrepreneurs teams’ skills and technology grasp, and to create new opportunities for research results to reach the market;
  • Guide web-entrepreneurs into global business concepts through a European mentoring scheme, building on the best regional and national programmes available;
  • Facilitate access to some of the best services from the best service providers in Europe to promote web-entrepreneurs growth;
  • Ensure access to capital either via early stage venture capital (public or private) or crowdfunding.


Startup Europe

Startup Europe is the European Commission’s action plan which aims to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Europe by helping high-tech start-ups set up and grow in Europe and thus help innovation, growth and employment. Startup Europe includes:

  • Startup Europe Partnership to promote the dissemination of knowledge, mentoring and exchange of technologies and services
  • Leaders Club, a platform to provide young entrepreneurs with role models
  • EU Accelerators Forum, which aims to raise awareness of the existing accelerator programmes
  • EU Crowd-funding Networks which link crowd funding platforms, particularly those specialised in funding start-ups
  • Raising awareness of venture capital investors in the web industry by communicating success stories and creating networks
  • Promoting the emergence of new web talents