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Video Pitches

You now know about private equity, venture capital, business angels and crowdfunding. Taking a step further, ePlus offers to its entrepreneurs the following services in order for them to familiarise with this world, to improve their investment readiness, to get some visibility in the European investor scene, to meet potential investors and to learn from the best!

  • Publishing video pitch to Business Angels and/or to crowdinvestors
  • Participation to events: with ePlus, you can take part to highly important event for the funding of your venture. For example, EBAN welcomes a selection of ePlus startups at his annual Congress and Winter University that gather 


Video pitches for Business Angels and Crowdinvestors
Jump in the spotlight with the European Business Angels Network (EBAN) and with the European Crowdfunding Network (ECN) and be one of the selected startups to have the opportunity to promote your project on the ePlus Platform totally for free!

  • OPTION 1: Pitch to Business Angels! By uploading your 3 minutes video elevator pitch to Business Angels on the online ePlus Platform, your company will be showcased to an audience of 20 thousand potential investors from the European Business Angel Network community (EBAN will also feature your pitch in its newsletter in a dedicated section)!
  • OPTION 2: Promote your crowdfunding campaign! By uploading your crowdfunding campaign video the online ePlus Platform, your project will be showcased to an audience of thousands of crowd-investors from the European Crowdfunding Network community (including 60+ crowdfunding platforms all over Europe).
  • OPTION 3: Find lead investors or the perfect Crowdfunding Platform to host your campaign! By uploading your 3 minute video elevator pitch to Crowdfunding Platforms on the online ePlus Platform, your company will be showcased to an audience of more than 100 crowdfunding platforms from the European Crowdfunding Network community!


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Entrepreneurs pitch to BAs!


Entrepreneurs pitch to Crowdinvestors!