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bob - your bag on board

bob - your bag on board

Description: Check-in your luggage from the city center. The departure day, head straight to security screening at the airport. Collect your bags from the carousel when you land. We connect two very different industries for the very first time, logistics and airlines. Our system compliant with aviation security standards.

Felix participated to the ePlus training and investment forum that took place at the EBAN Annual Congress in Malaga on 7 – 9 June 2017.

Felix had a few recent successes: he was selected by SeedRocket, he was working at google campus and was selected by South Summit.

Also and thanks to his great performance at the ePlus investment forum in Malaga, Felix won the Minerva prize

For Felix, the ePlus training and investment forum was the first event of this kind he attended. He enjoyed it a lot, thought it was very interesting but also realised that he needed to better prepare himself, especially to pitch!

Besides that, he formally introduced himself to at least 7 investors.

It is too early to know if Felix will build upon the investor meetings he had in Malaga and if it will lead to a potential investment. What he certainly took out of the event though is new contact and very interesting leads that he is now trying to materialize!

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