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ePlus Mentors invitation

ePlus Mentors invitation

When you started your journey on becoming a successful person and professional - did you have someone to guide you and help you structure the things in your head? Did you have a mentor to understand what you’re struggling with and support you in understanding what is worth focusing on and what you should not waste your time on? If you have had such person(s) you know how key is the role of the mentor. If you didn’t have the chance to have a mentor, then now you know how much you would have appreciated if there was such a mentor to guide you then. 

ePlus Ecosystem,  a project financed by the European Commission, provides an online and onsite environment to help web-entrepreneurs to develop and scale up their ideas and businesses, from a business international validation phase, to internationalization, access to finance and to business growth.

There are great entrepreneurial ecosystems in Europe which put together, are forming one true pan-European web-entrepreneurship ecosystem. The ePlus Ecosystem project aims to set up the initial backbone made of the interlinkingsome of the best regional ecosystems across Europe :the booming regional ecosystems of Lisbon, Nice and Baden-Württemberg by promoting the sharing of services, and complement it with expert service aimed at internationalisation and growth. Once this works, more regional ecosystems will join in and the network will go stronger.

The project provides an added-value full range of e-services of a European scale, for web-entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs using web and mobile technologies as the main components in their innovation


The project main objectives are to:

  1. Guide web-entrepreneurs into global business concepts through a European mentoring scheme, building on the best regional and national mentoring programmes available;
  2. Facilitate access to some of the best services from the best service providers in Europe to promote web-entrepreneurs’ growth
  3. Ensure access of web-entrepreneurs to e-capital for the launch and scale-up of their European and international business plans, either through Early Stage Venture Capital, Crowdfunding or Public-Private Partnerships


Offer a complementary European mentoring dimension by linking and complementing local & sectorial mentoring programmes!

Taking a venture from local to European level requires the adequate guidance. Entering markets other than our own home market can be easier if you get advice from local experienced business people in such markets. In short, for web-entrepreneurs about to take on Europe (and the world), “European mentors” are a must.

Now, we share with you the opportunity to be a mentor for startup(s) and support entrepreneurs who need guidance on their journey(s)

It is our pleasure to invite you to join the e-Mentoring platform of the ePlus Ecosystem Project. The e-mentoring platform will help web-entrepreneurs grow their business by connecting them with people who are either experts on how to do it, have done it before or are doing it now.As a proven professional with your experience in leadership/entrepreneurship/business skillswe believe that your advice would be aninvaluable asset for potential mentees.

How it works: we are aware and value your time, so the process is simple and it is a system of 3 steps:

  • Registration in the platform
  • Matchmaking for meeting startup’s needs and mentor’s expertise
  • Booking system for arranging calls between mentors and entrepreneurs

What is expected from the mentor? We welcome everyone who is available to share their experience and can give advice and guidance to our e-mentees, willing to share their profile and the specific sector they are working with.

Your benefits? Our platform will give you the opportunity to:

  • Share your experience and be part of someone else’s success
  • Extend your visibility on the European scene
  • Contact with innovative startups from all over Europe
  • Establish long-term mentoring relationship 
  • Make good business or investment opportunities
  • Extend your possibilities for further research and scouting for new partners.

Let us know if you are interested in this opportunity and we can also arrange a call to discuss your interests.

Next step in case you are interested:

  • For now you would be asked just to sign up as mentor in the platform. (The platform will serve to support the matching of mentor & potential mentees. You do not need to spend your time until it’s actually needed.)

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/epluseurope/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/eplus-ecosystem


Some pictures from mentoring sessions during the Startup Europe Summit 2016 in Berlin (9-10 June) are presented below