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Gathering a surprisingly wide array of multidisciplinary experts, Feeligreen develops the very best technologies for everyone’s Well Being. Under their Feelicare brand, they invent secure, efficient and unrivaled solutions for previously unmet medical needs. They take cosmetic care to the next level by providing a unique experience and utmost consumer satisfaction with their Feeligold products. Feeligreen is a B2B2WB company: a Business to Businesses who care about their end customers/patients’ Well Being.

Christophe participated in the Nitro II event in Nice on 1-2 December 2016.

What Christophe took from these two Nitro days is mostly the expertise brought by all the consultants and the team and the opportunity to meet and discuss and present his project to other startups. More here.

Feeligreen raised its Series B round (3.5 M€) at the end of May 2017 and inaugurated its new R&D facility in Valbonne, France in the middle of June 2017. Attending Nitro and the coaching from the team helped us refine our positioning and strategy.

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