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Help us design the ePlus project

Help us design the ePlus project

Today we launched this 'alpha version' of the ePlus site. Our aim is to help web entrepreneurs grow ... but first we need your help in designing this site - and indeed, the entire project - so that it meets your needs.

Linking ecosystems, supporting startups

As set out elsewhere, the basic idea behind ePlus is to link together several 'entrepreneur support ecosystems', set up by national and regional governments across Europe to help local web entrepreneurs develop their startups. Each ecosystem offers local startups access a wide variety of support services, from business mentoring to help in approaching investors. But no ecosystem can offer everything to everyone. Through ePlus, web entrepreneurs supported by one of our 'connected ecosystems' will be able to access the services offered by all ecosystems, in the process taking their startup to the next level: Europe.

What do you need?

We have a range of services planned, from grant programmes to matchmaking young researchers and web entrepreneurs - after all, entrepreneurs often need specific academic skills, while researchers often need entrepreneurs to help take research results to market. But - like any startup - we ourselves need to ensure that what we're building is what our users need:

If you are a web entrepreneur, researcher, ecosystem manager, startup mentor, investor or similar, please tell us what you need via this survey.

Every response will help us prioritise what we build on this site and what we do in this project, so please promote this to your networks by email and social media.

Join us

Keep up to date on the survey results and our services as they come on line: you can subscribe to our enewsletter from within the survey, or via the footer, below. And while three ecosystems are already on board, more ecosystems are welcome - if you manage one, get in touch. Finally, while we won't launch social media accounts before we've studied the survey results, we will be communicating via the Startup Europe Twitter and Facebook accounts. Please take the survey. You can also leave us a comment, below: