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Inception Enterprises

Inception Enterprises

Inception Enterprises consist of uprising tech ventures focused on innovation development, delivering high-end digital solutions, digital production and strategic planning for brands and companies worldwide. Our team of tech and art veterans is dedicated to serve partners achieve their highest potential by providing novelty software, audiovisual and art solutions which will reconceive and expand the possibilities for growth, customer engagement and long-term success. We fuse digital wisdom and creativity for many startups through providing strategic partnership and advisory.

Zoran has been using eMentoring services and has been working with two mentors: with Fabrice, who is very experienced in digital products, together they focus on product development, development roadmap and innovation planning and with Artemis, who is an expert in digital marketing and growth hacking, so together they work on the topics on go to market strategy and product dissemination. Working with these two experts has brought a lot of value and now Zoran feels more confident in what he is doing.

 “I see this program as the future for mentorship and collaboration. This type of collaboration can change the way entrepreneurs get the right mentors which is crucial for success. Overall i think that being part of this mentoring program will take me to the next level and looking forward to do some awesome work and make my mentors proud.”  Zoran Nasteski, CEO of Inception Enterprises

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