Knok offers home or video appointments via an app, when needed without queues or long waiting times at the comfort of the patients home. Knok provides the opportunity of being followed by the same doctor in repeat appointments, establishing the long-term relationship which is currently lacking in any emergency appointments. No traditional healthcare solutions offer this, since these are designed to make the patient loyal to the company and not the physician. Knok is here to bring the family doctor back through top-notch technology.

Tiago participated to the ePlus training and investment forum that took place at the EBAN Annual Congress in Malaga on 7 – 9 June 2017.

Tiago also published his video pitch on 4 January 2017: see here

“Our perspective is that EBAN Málaga helped us to contact with relevant Spanish investors. Moreover, the event had great talks about marketing and social impact that are quite aligned with our strategic verticals.”

“We’re expanding our business for the second European country: Spain. Moreover, last November we raised our seedround from a London.”

“The ePlus service allowed us to understand relevant insights about the spanish market”

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