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What is Made of Lisboa?

Lisbon’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem has a brand and a new digital space - Made of Lisboa. Launched on the 27th October 2016, Made of Lisboa is the headquarters brand of all the innovators born and arising in the city of Lisboa who take pride in coming up with groundbreaking ideas and experiences.
Made of Lisboa will underline the sense of community and keep you updated about Lisbon's innovation scene making sure you'll find all the useful information about who is part of the innovation's scene and what is happening around the city that might interest you. With this in mind we built a platform rooted in four primary goals: Inform, Connect, Attract and Organize

Made of Lisboa is collaborative and crowdsourced. It's a free and open platform where anyone can express themselves and cooperate in its construction.


Platform features

the ecosystem pinpointed
The official Lisbon entrepreneurial ecosystem map where you can find all the city innovators pinpointed and get yourself there too. Directory - spots, people and companies.

spots, people and companies
Stalk and track who belongs to your ecosystem, what are their business about, who are your neighbours, and you can also text them

cases, tips and quotes
Track what other companies think and write about; you can upload your articles, inform, inspire and become a Made of LISBOA influencer.

Consult and add new words related with Lisbon’s innovator vocabulary.

Event calendar
Find out which events, meetings, and gatherings are coming up that might interest you and your company.

Aggregates different tools and resources that are important for all different areas: investment, how to start a startup, find a job inside the ecosystem, etc.

Best Practices
This will be coming ground for exploring new aways of how to improve and boost the community.


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