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Nitro 3: the extreme acceleration event. Practical information

Nitro 3: the extreme acceleration event. Practical information

In Nitro 3: the extreme acceleration event, European startups are invited to work with expert consultants, corporates and investors to gear up for the next episode in their development.

The event will take place in Lisbon on May 4 and 5, 2017 and during the event, 20 international mature startups will work together with consultants from Capgemini Consulting, Europe Unlimited, Inovamais, Chamber of Commerce of Côte d'Azur and INTRASOFT International on topics ranging from How to write a successful proposal to investment readiness, from sales to Crowdfunding for SMEs & Startups.

At the same time delegates of large corporations and investors are present, creating the opportunity for the startups to present their products and receive feedback from representatives of their actual target group and customers. In short, a great opportunity to apply the new insights from the consulting sessions against the standards of the market. All of this will be set up in a truly interactive way, no long presentations but real working sessions to create value for startups

The booklet of the event presenting investors and Startups is available here

Event Venue:

Centro de Inovação da Mouraria,
Rua dos Lagares 23, 1100-022 Lisboa

Registration opens at 08:30


How to reach the location:

Martin Moniz Subway Station, Green Line
South exit to Rua Cavaleiros (then 400 m uphill)
Turn a quick Left to Largo Terreirinho and then go thru the first narrow street up right/front Tv Lagares (up 50m)



Associação Cozinha Popular da Mouraria

Address: R. das Olarias 5, 1100-012 Lisboa
Access : two minutes walk from CIM
The dinner starts at 20:30