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Open call announcement Nitro 3: the extreme acceleration event

Open call announcement Nitro 3: the extreme acceleration event

Startup Europe proudly launches Nitro 3: the extreme acceleration event. 20 European startups are invited to work with expert consultants, corporates and investors to gear up for the next episode in their development.


During the event, 20 international mature startups will work together with consultants from Capgemini Consulting, Europe Unlimited, Inovamais, Chamber of Commerce of Côte d'Azur and INTRASOFT International on topics ranging from How to write a successful proposal to investment readiness, from sales to Crowdfunding for SMEs & Startups



  1. Investment Readiness- Pitching Training 
  2. Sales
  3. Negotiating Technology agreement
  4. How to write a successful proposal? Growth & Internationalisation through European Funding
  5. Project Management
  6. Crowdfunding for SMEs & Startups

The key is that the startups themselves choose which topics they want to work on before, during and after the even. They will have the opportunity to use the knowledge and experience of these four groups of consultants.
Even more so, delegates of large corporations and investors are present, creating the opportunity for the startups to present their products and receive feedback from representatives of their actual target group and customers. In short, a great opportunity to apply the new insights from the consulting sessions against the standards of the market. All of this will be set up in a truly interactive way, no long presentations but real working sessions to create value for startups

Nitro will take place on the 4th and 5th May 2017 in the framework of the Entrepreneurship Week in Lisbon, Portugal. Interested startups can apply for Nitro on F6S till the 15th March 2017. After being selected the startup will be contacted for the pre work on their chosen topics


Centro de Inovação da Mouraria

Rua dos Lagares 23, 1100-022 Lisboa

21 817 0202


Nitro is open for startups that have the following profile:

  • You are a mature startup that already has a (small) customer base in your domesticmarket and is on the brink of international expansion
  • You can be classified as a web-entrepreneur
  • You have a good understanding of your needs to make the next stage



Submission Deadline

Results Announcement

January 25th

March 15th

(at 23:59 CET)

March 28th



Nitro is totally free of charge thanks to the support of the European Commission. Furthermore candidates can also applied for a Micro-Grants to cover part of their travel costs. More information on how to apply can be found in the “Guide for applicants”.