Wisecrop is the Agricultural Operating System, which offers a set of online tools to support Farmers in their daily farm management, improving their productivity and reducing their costs, while aiming a more sustainable and environmental friendly business. Wisecrop can use sensors to give more accurate indicators. These sensors can either be from Wisecrop or from other providers. The Applications available include technical management solutions, oriented to the field operations, as well as operational solutions for the administrative work. Wisecrop can also include Services, offered by other Providers such as Laboratories, Drones, Satellites, etc, from which the Farmers can directly request services.

Tiago was awarded a micro grant of up to 500 € to cover his traveling and accommodation costs related to Nitro II, the Extreme Acceleration Event, that took place in Sophia Antipolis, France on 1st and 2nd December 2016.

Before landing in France, Tiago was hoping for an event full of very experienced people and high value Business Angels that could support the startups with knowledge, experience and investment. “Nitro sounds like a really interesting event, happening in a very interesting place and hosted by top-level people. So I thought I should be there and learn as much as I can!”

Tiago was positively surprised about the event: “It was very nice to get to know people experienced with the European Commission as well as meeting investors and business angels”.

It was interesting for networking and getting to know new and very interesting people. However, I think that the workshop I was in was not very fruitful regarding the stage my company was at that moment.” Tiago Sa, CEO

6 months later, we have got back in touch with Tiago to find out what has happened since Nitro and this is what he told us: “I followed up on some of the investors, but my traction was not in line with their purpose. I have also kept in touch with Giuseppina regarding a potential pilot in Italy and she was very kind and available to support a first market research. I'm really thankful for her support and I hope to continue the conversations with her.

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