Online platform that connects digitally-skilled students with startups on a project basis for remote collaborations and community-driven recruitment. At, students can showcase their skills and improve their attractiveness and visibility doing real-life projects remotely while they are studying getting reviews endorsements and ratings from the companies they work with like a resume booster. Thanks to those feedbacks, students get talent-branded and companies get access to the right candidates at the right moment to hire or just to work remotely with. At Workkola, we want to kill CVs and resumes which are static pictures of you done by yourself. Everybody is fantastic in their CVs. We are replacing them with real data and peer-based ratings to get 4-5 key metrics of the candidates related to hard but also soft skills personality and values that could be matched with position requirements and that would help companies and other platforms, recruiters, etc. screen candidates in minutes with more and better information and invite them to their recruiting processes.

Alvaro participated to the ePlus training and investment forum that took place at the EBAN Annual Congress in Malaga on 7 – 9 June 2017.

Alvaro had a very positive experience of the service: “an event that connects startups and BA is very very important to boost the ecosystem. The international presence was, in my opinion, the best part of it.” Alvaro Mancilla, CEO

At the ePlus Investment Forum in Malaga, Workkola was awarded the “Most Investment Company” which qualified it for the Premier Pitching Competition taking place the days after at the EBAN Annual Congress. As the best company taking part to the Investment Forum, Alvaro won both the Caveat and Minverva Prizes of the EBAN Annual Congress.

Alvaro now hopes he can close the rest of the round thanks to the EBAN contacts

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