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ePlus ecosystem offers a full range of eServices for web-entrepreneurs in Europe. The aim of these services is to boost the range of skills and qualities entrepreneurs should possess in order to succeed internationally. The following ePlus services will guide entrepreneurs throughout the entire process of building a successfully running business, growth and investment:


  • Find a service: Are you interested in joining an incubator in Lisbon or finding a FabLab in Baden-Württemberg? This search engine provides you an overview of the services available for web-entrepreneurs across Europe. Find your service.


  • Micro-Grants: The Micro-Grants support the participation in relevant events, workshops, and the use of local services in European regions/ecosystems other than the candidate’s base location, contributing towards the promotion and networking at a European level of startups and entrepreneurs. Throughput the project lifetime, we have a couple of application rounds open for interested entrepreneurs. Follow this link to see what is in it for you!