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Are you interested in joining an incubator in Lisbon or finding a FabLab in Baden-Württemberg?

Are you ready to accelerate in Sophia Antipolis?

This search engine provides you an overview of the services available for web-entrepreneurs across Europe.

Just browse through the search-categories and find the service of your choice!

Many of them are free to access online services.

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Website | Portugal | Free | Funding


Invest Lisboa is Lisbon’s investment promotion agency, created through a partnership between Lisbon’s City Council and the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with the support of AICEP and since 2014, with the sponsorship of Ba?a do Tejo. They are responsible for the international...

Website | Portugal | Free | Information


They provide useful information about the main procedures required in order to start a business in Lisbon. It is their purpose to present the most complete and updated information possible, however, the information on this page does not dispense the need for consulting the proper legal authorities.

Website | Portugal | Paid | Incubator

Lispolis Incubation and Development Centre (CID)

The Incubation and Development Center (CID) with a capacity of about 50 companies, offers excellent conditions for the installation of start-ups and technology-based companies. The CID offers 24 rooms to 131 m2, the University Pre-Incubator (link), a shared room for eight individual work stations,...

Website | Portugal | Paid | Incubator

Fábrica de Startups

They accept startups in various phases of development in order to promote synergy and knowledge sharing among entrepreneurs with different experience levels. Incubated startups at an early stage of creating team and business model in the market launch phase and projects that are already in the...

Website | Portugal | Paid | Incubator


As an integrated unit in a campus university (ULisboa), the INOVISA brings together expertise for the development of start-ups and spin-offs based on innovative projects of high growth potential. At the same time, it has a space dedicated to the incubation of technology-based companies / qualified...

Website | Portugal | Paid | Incubator

Madan Parque Incubacao Empresas

Providing modular office space, equipped with telephone, electricity, air conditioning and UTP (INTERNET access), access to spaces and common services and activities. Regarding funding support is done through the participation in several funding programs and venture capital (Platform FINICIA, INOV...

Mentoring & Coaching
Website | Portugal | Paid | Mentoring & Coaching

Madan Parque

In the axis ""Coaching - Events & Training"" targeted training activities for the development of enterprises are developed, from its inception, with oriented actions for the Business Plan support, evolving to a more specific formation (and targeted) throughout the company life.

Website | Portugal | Paid | Incubator

Incubadora Play

If you have a business, an idea or project and you need space to work, you'll get it in play. Housed in a university setting, located in central Lisbon, near vast transport options is ideal for the implementation of your business. Other infrastructure: Smart Media LAB - Multimedia Lab, Mobile and...

Advisory & Consulting
Website | Portugal | Paid | Advisory & Consulting

Incubadora Play

Idea finetuning: Aimed at Creative Industries and Technology. If you have an idea or project you want to implement, you'll get this support by play. After a first phase of analysis where the idea will be tested and analyzed for its viability, a monitoring process will be defined for the incubation...

Workspace & services
Website | Portugal | Paid | Workspace & services

Ideia Hub

Diverse office spaces: private, coworking, and virtual.