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Are you interested in joining an incubator in Lisbon or finding a FabLab in Baden-Württemberg?

Are you ready to accelerate in Sophia Antipolis?

This search engine provides you an overview of the services available for web-entrepreneurs across Europe.

Just browse through the search-categories and find the service of your choice!

Many of them are free to access online services.

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Website | France | Equity-based payment | Funding


Pan-European investor network gathering business angels and early-stage venture capital funds focusing on Creative Industries and digital media.

Advisory & Consulting
Website | France | Free | Advisory & Consulting


Business support services, helping startups and projects setups

Workspace & services
Website | France | Paid | Workspace & services


Diverse office spaces are offered to companies : private, coworking, collective spaces and virtual.

Technical facilities
Website | France | Free | Technical facilities


NiceLab is a collective workspace dedicated to independent research and technical experimentation based on open media and open source software.

Technical facilities
Website | France | Free | Technical facilities


SoFab is a fablab located in SophiaTech Campus in Sophia Antipolis, dedicated to digital innovations.

Technical facilities
Website | France | Free | Technical facilities

ICT Living Lab

The ICT Usage Labs (founder of EnoLL Association) promotes multidisciplinary studies of ICT usage in innovation context and coordinates researchers coming from different domains - knowledge engineers, economists, computer scientists, psychologists, and sociologists. It aims at sharing...

Website | France | Equity-based payment | Funding


Business accelerator program, including venture capital investments and dedicated BA06 events

Website | France | Equity-based payment | Funding

SBA - Sophia Business Angels

Network of international VC's and entrepreneurs investing in early stage as well as development phases of startups. Organization of the Venture Academy Events, of which Coaching Day is an example. This day is dedicated to 8 selected start-ups : collective and individual coaching sessions with...

Website | France | Free | Incubator

ALLIANZ Accelerator (Nice)

Intensive accelerator program during 5 months, that includes coaching and mentorship to entrepreneurs as well as investment opportunites and ready-to-market approaches. Mentoring and Coaching sessions are dedicated to selected start-ups integrated in the Accelerator.

Website | France | Paid | Funding

French network of Chambers of Commerce

Crowdfunding platform for early stage and development phases