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FIWARE Refugee Challenge - Let's solve it all together

FIWARE Refugee Challenge - Let's solve it all together

Europe needs innovative ideas to turn the refugee crisis into the opportunity it is. Therefore, we invite all startups of the FIWARE family and beyond to apply with their solutions for a specific existing challenge. Following the Chinese idiom:


“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls, but we build windmills.”

The vision is to build one open data platform for refugees, volunteers, companies and others that offers a central portal with several service modules. The platform is free to use, but specific services can be monetized. So please look through the categories described below and apply with your solution to help managing the refugee challenge all over Europe.

Next to great solutions, we need a great UI design, an innovative crowdfunding campaign and good social implementation strategy. Therefore, we are also looking for creative people with great concepts and ideas, who would like to support our initiative and build the interface between technology and the people that should use it.


Apply now with your idea until 25th March
How will you support the selected projects?

Funding by European crowdfunding campaign, social impact investors and foundations

All selected projects will be featured and funded by a European crowdfunding campaign complemented by social impact investors and foundations. The exact amount will depend on the success of the campaign and the quality of the projects.


Individual crowdfunding campaign for each selected project

Each selected project will get a chance and support to set up an individual crowdfunding campaign on one of the partner crowdfunding platforms. We will support you on the development of your campaign and advertise through the umbrella campaign.


Partnership with cities to apply for Urban Innovation Action call (€2m)

Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) is an Initiative of the European Commission that provides urban areas throughout Europe with resources to test new and unproven solutions to address urban challenges. Selected projects get the chance to apply with an Open Agile Smart City for the funding.


The Categories

In order to structure the application process a little, we created the following 10 categories. The description of each category includes only examples of services and are open for anything that you find a relevant issue to be solved. Please identify the category that fits best to your solution.

  1. Localization & Identification includes all solutions to identify an individual person using a mobile device, to support family reunions, to incentivise refugees to move to certain areas in Europe, to make refugee routes safer and to predict future

  2. Logistics & Management covers all tools that help institutions, shelters and volunteers to manage their daily work from giving out cloth and food, paying out social support money, renting bikes and toys, organize cleaning to legal advice and transportation.

  3. Health Services include all services related to health like telemedicine, management of doctor appointments, patient data management, quick diagnosis tools, management of health budgets and the supply with medicine.

  4. Security covers all solutions and activities that make society and refugees feel saver, that prevent trouble in refugee shelters, that supports the police to fight crime, that secures refugee shelters from attacks and that improves the coordination of security forces.

  5. Language covers all solutions that assess language skill levels, offer online language learning, helps organize on-site language courses, provides online and in-person translation or increase the effectiveness and speed of language learning

  6. Social Integration includes all solutions to explain, learn and discuss European values and social codes of behavior, to get involved in sports, art and other cultural events, organize own activities, find friends and partners and become community members.

  7. Jobs & Education covers all ideas how to assess the skill level of refugees in certain work areas, to recommend certain qualifications or jobs, to support them on creating startups and businesses in Europe, but also to educate on rebuilding their country.

  8. Living includes all solutions to improve the accommodation of refugees, to find apartments for refugees, to design public spaces of refugee camps like class rooms, to provide internet for refugee shelters, to provide information on renting apartments and support on deposits.

   9. Design & Campaign is the category for all creative people and their concepts for a campaign video (2min), a campaign design, the UI design of the portal, a communication strategy, innovative actions to create awareness for the campaign.

  10. Open Topics is for all ideas that are great, but do not fit in any of the above categories. So please do not let yourself limit be our categorization. The purpose and impact is important and we want all of you to think out-of-the-box.