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Promote your company on the ePlus Platform

Promote your company on the ePlus Platform

Hey startup!


Are you looking for investment?

... for a partner?

... for customers?

... or simply for publicity?

Then, jump in the spotlight! Be one of the selected startups to have the opportunity to promote your companies on the ePlus Platform totally for free!

By uploading your 3 minute video elevator pitch to Business Angels on the online ePlus Platform, your company will be showcased to an audience of 20 thousand potential investors from the European Business Angel Network community (EBAN will also feature your pitch in its newsletter in a dedicated section)!


Prepare a presentation using PowerPoint for an elevator pitch of 3 minutes. In terms of content, your pitch should include:

  • The problem you are tackling and the solution you offer
  • Your business model
  • Who are your competitors
  • Describe your market
  • Your execution plan
  • Presentation of your team
  • The funding you are seeking

Use the recording tool of your choice for your video pitch. Once it is done, please upload it onto the YouTube channel and send us the URL so we can feature it in the ePlus playlist! You can see on this playlist example of other entrepreneurs' pitch!

In order for us to be able to promote your pitch extensively, we will ask you to sign an authorisation form.

There is no deadline to send us your video pitch but the sooner it is on, the sooner you are visible to our community!

We look forward to watching your pitch!


You are ready to publish your pitch or you have questions about this service?
--> Get in touch with Chloé Kuder at EBAN – euprojects@eban.org