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Success Stories: AlphaGamma

Success Stories: AlphaGamma

AlphaGamma: helping young professionals succeed

With NITRO #2 just one week away, we would like to focus attention on one of the many great startups from our first edition. AlphaGamma participated in our first NITRO event, impressing us with their driven vision to make an impact on society as we know it today. Check out their website at http://www.alphagamma.eu and don’t forget to subscribe to their weekly newsletter! Find out more about this upcoming platform in this article.


Rethinking online journalism and business portals

AlphaGamma is an international business portal for Millennials, and is headquartered in Amsterdam. They apply data-driven journalism to serve practical and insightful tips, trends and opportunities to our readers. As they state “We are on a mission to help young professionals, founders and students succeed in their careers”. The website provides Millennials with the most relevant business developments, tips and trends. As well as the most attractive international opportunities such as the largest competitions and attractive internship offers to challenge themselves professionally and develop new skills. AlphaGamma offers content marketing services and Insights-as-a-Service to its clients to help them get in front of the fast-growing Millennial audience.

Recently, they have introduced a new product called Opportunity Feed – a mobile app that aggregates, sorts and features opportunities such as internships, scholarships, fellowships, conferences and more, to help more people get an edge in their careers.

AlphaGamma is founded by 2 brothers, Arthur Gopak (CEO) and Eric Gopak (CTO). Arthur worked as a journalist for 5 years at the largest newspaper in Latvia, which he joined at the age of 15 after winning the national writing competition. Arthur has a financial background and experience working for large companies such as Gjensidige and PwC. Eric is deeply interested in everything that is related to IT and science. Even as a kid he has successfully taken part in international IT and Math Olympiads in countries such as Germany and Denmark. Eric joined a Dutch-based investment firm as a CTO. The firm was later selected as one of the Top-10 hottest FinTechstartups at StartupBootcamp London 2014. Currently, AlphaGamma has a team of 8 on-site employees and more than a 100 contributing writers from all over the globe.


Statement regarding the NITRO event

NITRO is a great opportunity for early-stage startups to connect and learn from each other. It was an honour to meet inspiring startups that have already made a significant progress in their entrepreneurial journey, have achieved a significant user traction and ready to make the next steps to expand their companies.” – Arthur